Commissioning a portrait begins an exciting journey. My passion is to create a unique portrait for you, one that is full of life and captures your child or grandchild’s personality! The meaning and memories captured will last a lifetime. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, you can contact me by email or by phone at (908)317-0470.

I will take some digital photographs of your child, or you may have a favorite photograph you would love for me to create into a beautiful portrait. It is best to have photographs of high quality with proper lighting.

Next I will create a black and white sketch. Generally it ends up being quite a beautiful piece in its own right! Once you have approved the sketch, a 50% deposit is due.

Passion is always in every aspect of my work, including my materials! I use only the finest materials, pastels with buttery soft consistency and the highest quality sanded paper.*

It will take me between two months and four months for color work, depending upon my workload at the time and on the complexity of the work. Black and white pieces will take considerably less time, again depending upon my workload at the time.

Upon completion of the work, I will show you the artwork or a digital file of it. I will make minor changes, upon your request. Once you are satisfied with the finished product, the balance (50%) of the payment is due. After payment has been received, I will arrange delivery of the finished portrait. It will be matted with a Bristol board matte, after which time you may have it professionally framed, as per your liking. Custom framing by my wonderful framer is also an option.

My wish is that you will not only have a wonderful portrait of your child to cherish, but also a beautiful piece of art to display in your home.

*Adrian uses Terry Ludwig and Girault soft pastels and professional grade sanded paper.

** The artist retains the copyright to her commissioned portraits and may use reproductions for promotion of her art.

Black & White

Creating art in charcoal pencil is a great joy to me. I use 4B Soft charcoal pencils, a favorite of mine. The medium is direct and immediate, so I generally am able to complete the artwork more quickly than my color work. I try to capture something rather swiftly, keeping the essence of the piece loose and fluid.

For a portrait estimate please contact the artist by phone: (908) 317-0470 or EMAIL



"Adrian was caring, diligent, and passionate when creating a beautiful painting of our boys. A special time for us was turned magical with her pastels."

Laura Waller

Regarding my portrait of her sons in Brothers.  

"My husband and I would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for the lovely portrait you created of our granddaughter, Alyssa.We knew from our initial meeting with you that we were dealing with a true artist and professional. You truly listened to us as to what we were looking for in a portrait. You made the process so easy.The final result was breathtaking. Your style is crisp and alive. You are so talented! Everyone that sees the portrait is so impressed on how you captured Alyssa's expression.We are so happy and proud that we found you! Thank you,

Sidney and Josephine Gruber

Regarding my portrait of their granddaughter, in Alyssa.

A Few words of Rational: A very diverse show with many works showing strong composition, many showing deft craftmanship and man triggering emotions and thoughts. The Best in Show's strong design pulled it all together. The Artist took big risks with the cropping of the child's head, the child's outward moving body position and allowing that much distance between subjects. However, these risks paid off. The unusual composition works because of a bold design and the child's ambiguous glance that so strongly pulls the figures together. That look also captures the viewer's attention and makes one wonder, "What is he thinking?". Lastly, exquisite handling of materials.
You might also add, if you like:
This was a winner amoung winners-given the number and quality of pastel pieces in the show.

Regarding my portrait, Brothers.

Best in Show Feedback

I have known Adrian’s art for many years now, but I am always struck how her portraits translate the emotion of the moment. She works tirelessly to achieve her goals, which go far beyond just satisfying her clients. Adrian’s portrait of my youngest daughter, “The Bliss of Childhood”, exhibits her amazing talent of using vibrant color to capture the mood perfectly and the experience of working with her was truly rewarding. Today, the portrait is a constant reminder of the sheer joy that my daughter was feeling that day. Adrian achieves the same level of expression with her color in, “ Reflections of Julia”, a subsequent piece she created for us of our older daughter. How she is able to see what most of us cannot, is an incredible talent; she pulls colors from a picture that ultimately tell the story of a specific snapshot in time. I recommend Adrian highly and look forward to working with her again. She creates incredible artwork from our most cherished memories….

Patricia Dextradeur

Regarding my portraits of her daughters in The Bliss of Childhood and Reflections of Julia.

"I am beyond pleased and delighted with my experience with Adrian! Her artistic vision and interpretation of my granddaughter's innocent smile was captured magically with pastels. The portrait glows. It brings me much happiness and it adds a loving touch to my home." Elizabeth Drasutis, regarding my portrait of her granddaughter in Childhood.

"I just wanted to say Thank you! I had a dream of a picture of Isabelle that I have had since she was 5, that I always wanted as a pastel portrait and you had made that dream true! Collaborating with you and watching this piece of art progress from sketches to color, all the way to the frame! It's beautiful Words cannot describe how I feel every time I look at it! I know that we will work again in the future! You are truly a gifted Artist.
Thank YOU " Diane Bontemps Brenes, regarding my portrait of her daughter in Exuberance 

I met Adrian Giuliani a little over a year ago one day when I was walking my newly adopted dog, Scooby. We would pass each other on my dog walks. She found Scooby to be adorable and would stop for a few minutes to pet him. During these brief meetings we got to know each other a bit more. I learned that she painted portraits and that she was interested in adopting a dog for her family. When Adrian offered to make me a portrait of Scooby, I immediately thought it would be a wonderful gift for my older son, Danny.
After sorting through many pictures I finally settled on the one I wanted Adrian to paint from. It was a picture of my son playing fetch with Scooby at the park. What I loved about this picture was that it captured Scooby’s energy. In it Scooby could be seen wagging his tail waiting for Danny to throw him the ball. In addition to this photo, I also gave Adrian a few more pictures so she can get a better feel for the texture and coloration of his coat.

A few days later Adrian asked me to write a paragraph about Scooby’s personality. I thought the request was quite odd. However, since I am not an artist and therefore did not know why she needed this, I decided to humor her and give her a written description of Scooby’s personality. In it I wrote that Scooby is always a happy dog who loves to play. He loves being with people. He actually prefers to hang around people than dogs.

A few months later Adrian informed me that the portrait was ready. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with her work. Not only did she accurately portray all his physical features (fur color, muscle tone, size, etc., but she actually captured Scooby’s personality in the painting! It is as if Scooby is actually wagging his tail! I was shocked to see his personality come alive in that portrait. Needless to say, Danny (as well as my other son and husband) were thrilled with the portrait. Adrian has forever captured Scooby’s love of the game of fetch in this portrait. It is indeed a special gift that Danny will cherish long after Scooby is no longer with us.
Ana Soler, regarding the portrait of her dog, Scooby.